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Aussie Women More Attracted to Gambling as Never

Nowadays, women and gambling online are closely connected. Representatives of the weaker sex regularly visit land-based gambling establishments and place bets in online casinos by first reading the slots reviews on The sexual equality excludes any discrimination of women in the gambling industry; thus, every female can participate in gambling just like men do. The army of female gambling fans is increasing every day, with Aussie women being in the majority.

Women and Online Gambling in History

Women and online gambling have not always been connected. The weaker sex gained access to gambling in the 18th century only. At that time, society did not perceive gambling as a female activity; women were believed to have more elegant entertainment. Thus, while men spent nights in poker clubs playing card games and watching cruel cockfights, women were either at home or went to opera or theater.

One day, a scandal broke out around the women’s “banned” passion. Lady Buckinghamshire, Lady Sarah Archer, Mrs. Sturt, and several other women arranged saloons and spent time playing card games. Soon they were convicted of such entertainment and were forced to pay £50 to avoid public punishment for the “moral scandal.”

Aussie Women More Attracted to Gambling as Never

Women and Online Gambling – Current Statistics

Nowadays, women playing on gambling sites no longer cause condemnation of the society. Among the visitors of online casinos, there are a lot of both men and women. The only difference that remains between genders in gambling is the preference for certain games. For example, most of the audience of bookmakers are men, who willingly bet on sports. Poker has not received much popularity among the weaker sex: 90% of fans of this game are men.

At the same time, bingo is more popular among women.

According to the results of a recent study conducted by the New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement, women account for more than half of the 10% of the most active users of online casinos. The average age of a female online casino user is 38 years. It is noteworthy that the game preference of users depends not only on sex but also on the region. So, according to the results of a study by the British Gambling Commission, which involved 4,000 players, Aussie women prefer to play online slots, roulette, and bingo.

What’s more, taking into account the recent advancement in the field of online gambling, the female audience has increased greatly. It is a stable tendency – the number of women registering in online casinos is constantly growing.

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