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The best card games to play if you are tired of slots

Everybody likes a good game of slots. There are certain days when it is the best thing to be back at home, playing some online slot machines in UK, especially when you have had a stressful day of work, or anything really. But, sometimes, you get tired of slots. When you do, you might be getting the craving to explore some new kind of games. A game of cards could seem especially enjoyable on a day such as this, but you might not know which games you should be going for. So, in order to help out those of you who have not had the chance to get to know card games well in the past few years, we have created a list of games, with their names and short explanations. This way, if you decide to get into playing around with cards, you at least know what the games are and how you can play them.  Just don’t forget where your origins are and don’t forget that you have to get better at the card games before you are able to play the games at full throttle.


Baccarat is seemingly a relatively simple game. You have a dealer and a pile of cards that the dealer draws from. When playing, you will be placing bets on either the banker, the player or a tie between the two. You are trying to guess which wins by gathering the most points, up to a limit, of course. If your bet is right, you win a certain amount of money that is prompted by how much was bet on the other side. It is seemingly an incredibly easy casino game to play but is also one of the games that can have some of the highest stakes out of any of the casino games in the industry or in a casino. It is also quite fast-paced and highly enjoyable, but also requires the player to know what they are doing and not get caught up in the game.

3 Card Poker

Also known as the Tri Card Poker, this game is what it sounds like. You get three cards that are your hand in the game and you need to play them against the dealer’s three-card hand. Pretty simplistic, so far. The dealer has to go over a queen in order to be able to pay off on the raise bet. The game is very specific in the way it is played, and it is more complex that Baccarat, but it has a large following and a whole lot of people who love it. Which is why we recommend giving it a try, someday.


You have heard of blackjack, don’t lie to yourself. You have either seen the game mentioned in some TV show, some movie or even talked about in one book or another. The game involves you playing against the dealer, each side trying to gather up to 21 points. If you manage to get more points than what the other side has, you win. Just don’t go over 21 points, because if you do, you end up losing. The betting is simple, where you place bets on whether you are going to win or not and earning money each time. The game is fun a whole lot of time but can be a real-time drainer, and many people end up spending a whole lot of time on it.

Pai Gow Poker

In this game, the dealer and the player all receive seven cards. They are then divided into a five-card poker hand and a two-card one. The five-card one has to have more cumulative points than the second one. For the player to win, both of their hands have to be higher than both of the dealer’s hand. This causes many to feel not entirely happy playing the game, because in alternative situations, the outcome is not favourable to the player, and even if the player wins, the casino gets 5 per cent of the winnings.

Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem is the simplest game of the lot, and it is one that is the most famous. It involves in each player getting two cards in their hand, and then five cards being laid out on the table. The players have to combine the cards they have in their hands with the cards that are on the table in order to win the game. Those who manage to do so win the pot, which is made up out of the bets that an entire lot of the people have managed to put down throughout betting on the game.

7 Card Stud

Every player places an ante and then they are given the first two cards face down and a third one, face up. The players keep placing bets and receiving cards face up, until the seventh one, which they receive face down, again. This game is like reverse Texas Holdem, with every player having a whole bunch of cards. The betting happens according to high and low and usually has a limit for the pot. The victor gets the pot. The game is not for everyone, but those who enjoy a bit of risk and a lot of thinking love it a whole bunch.

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