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Las Vegas Workers Share the Craziest, Funniest and Nastiest Stuff They’ve Seen

Funny stories are the very last thing associated with the casino world. Many people think that gambling and online betting have something to do with money, thrill, wins, and loses; thus, there can be nothing to make people laugh. In this post, we will dispel all the myths. Casino workers have shared the craziest, funniest, and nastiest stuff they have ever seen. Let’s have all the details revealed further in the post.

Las Vegas Workers Share the Craziest, Funniest and Nastiest Stuff They’ve Seen

Priest Gambler

Despite the fact that the church is the great opponent of gambling, there will always be exceptions of the rule. In the city of Chicago, a church service was carried out by Michael Stemfield – a man who suffered from problem gambling when being young. He had a very long break, but, unfortunately, he runs wild and began to gamble in 2011.

Of course, he did not want anyone to know about his failure. But it’s funny that he won $10,000, and the press became interested in the case. Naturally, a complete scandal erupted on the Internet and other media. To add fuel to the fire, the church servant was caught red-handed on using false documents. After this incident, he had to leave his former place of residence and change multiple jobs.

The Priest Turning out to Be a Professional Gambler

When participating in a television program, a priest Andrew Trepp had to play poker. Since there were no money bets there, he easily received approval from the church and even a blessing from the bishop. The funniest thing is that the church servant has beaten the best player of the world, Daniel Negrianu, and won $100,000, which he then donated in the construction of the temple!

Million Dollar Error

A catastrophic coincidence happened at a casino in Ohio. Employees paid out a million-dollar win to the wrong person. It all happened because the two (a real winner and a cheater) were not only namesakes but also of the same age.

Las Vegas Workers Share the Craziest, Funniest and Nastiest Stuff They’ve Seen

How to Stumble and Win a Lot of Money

Ellis Sawson won a payout of  $700,000 against the casino for stumbling in the hall of this gambling establishment. Lawyers were able to convince the jury that the demandant was right; as a result, the woman brought big money home.

Senator Amateur Poker Player

John McCain, the Senator of the United States of America, made the biggest mistake on the Council meeting. During the discussion of the difficult situation in Syria, he decided to rest a bit, playing poker on a smartphone. When making bets online, he was caught by photojournalists.

Here are some crazy and funny real-life cases that are related to gambling. Someone has become rich; someone has been put in jail or has fallen into disrepute due to gambling. Whatever the case is, the above situations make us smile.

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