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    The best card games to play if you are tired of slots

    Everybody likes a good game of slots. There are certain days when it is the best thing to be back at home, playing some online slot machines in UK, especially when you have had a stressful day of work, or anything really. But, sometimes, you get tired of slots. When you do, you might be getting the craving to explore some new kind of games. A game of cards could seem especially enjoyable on a day such as this, but you might not know which games you should be going for. So, in order to help out those of you who have not had the chance to get to know card games well in the past few years, we have created a list of games, with their names and short explanations. This way, if you decide to get into playing around with cards, you at least know what the games are and how you can play them.  Just don’t forget where your origins are and don’t forget that you have to get better at the card games before you are able to play the games at full throttle.


    Baccarat is seemingly a relatively simple game. You have a dealer and a pile of cards that the dealer draws from. When playing, you will be placing bets on either the banker, the player or a tie between the two. You are trying to guess which wins by gathering the most points, up to a limit, of course. If your bet is right, you win a certain amount of money that is prompted by how much was bet on the other side. It is seemingly an incredibly easy casino game to play but is also one of the games that can have some of the highest stakes out of any of the casino games in the industry or in a casino. It is also quite fast-paced and highly enjoyable, but also requires the player to know what they are doing and not get caught up in the game.

    3 Card Poker

    Also known as the Tri Card Poker, this game is what it sounds like. You get three cards that are your hand in the game and you need to play them against the dealer’s three-card hand. Pretty simplistic, so far. The dealer has to go over a queen in order to be able to pay off on the raise bet. The game is very specific in the way it is played, and it is more complex that Baccarat, but it has a large following and a whole lot of people who love it. Which is why we recommend giving it a try, someday.


    You have heard of blackjack, don’t lie to yourself. You have either seen the game mentioned in some TV show, some movie or even talked about in one book or another. The game involves you playing against the dealer, each side trying to gather up to 21 points. If you manage to get more points than what the other side has, you win. Just don’t go over 21 points, because if you do, you end up losing. The betting is simple, where you place bets on whether you are going to win or not and earning money each time. The game is fun a whole lot of time but can be a real-time drainer, and many people end up spending a whole lot of time on it.

    Pai Gow Poker

    In this game, the dealer and the player all receive seven cards. They are then divided into a five-card poker hand and a two-card one. The five-card one has to have more cumulative points than the second one. For the player to win, both of their hands have to be higher than both of the dealer’s hand. This causes many to feel not entirely happy playing the game, because in alternative situations, the outcome is not favourable to the player, and even if the player wins, the casino gets 5 per cent of the winnings.

    Texas Holdem

    Texas Holdem is the simplest game of the lot, and it is one that is the most famous. It involves in each player getting two cards in their hand, and then five cards being laid out on the table. The players have to combine the cards they have in their hands with the cards that are on the table in order to win the game. Those who manage to do so win the pot, which is made up out of the bets that an entire lot of the people have managed to put down throughout betting on the game.

    7 Card Stud

    Every player places an ante and then they are given the first two cards face down and a third one, face up. The players keep placing bets and receiving cards face up, until the seventh one, which they receive face down, again. This game is like reverse Texas Holdem, with every player having a whole bunch of cards. The betting happens according to high and low and usually has a limit for the pot. The victor gets the pot. The game is not for everyone, but those who enjoy a bit of risk and a lot of thinking love it a whole bunch.

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    Try Your Luck On Gambling Websites

    Baccarat, aka baccara, is a game in demand with gamblers in offline casinos, however, the creation of gambling websites has given them a possibility to play baccarat online for free. People who like taking risks and place big bets usually give preference to baccarat. This game of chance can’t leave gamblers indifferent: adrenaline, unforgettable experience, and vivid impressions make baccarat gain in popularity with each passing day. Impressions are not the only thing making this game of chance so special; baccarat is also known for an opportunity to make big money and succeed.

    Free Online Baccarat Explained: The Peculiarities

    Try Your Luck On Gambling Websites

    Before getting down to playing baccarat, it’s required to get insight into all its rules and peculiarities which will help you succeed and make money. Baccarat is quite a complicated game, so you have to take learning the rules seriously in order not to get lost. Keep in mind you have to set a certain limit – specify the amount of money you may lose and stop playing the game the moment you cross the limit.

    This game of chance is always played between two hands. There may be from 7 up to 14 players as well as 3 dealers who control the game. There are several most widespread types of baccarat which differ from the classic one with the number of players and cards as well as the stake limit. Let’s get insight into the rules of the European version.

    How To Play Baccarat: Helpful Tips

    Try Your Luck On Gambling Websites

    The main purpose a player should achieve while playing this game of chance is to get a hand total as closest to 9, which is the highest value in a game. The player has to bet on the “bank”, “tie” or a “player”. The dealer gives two or three cards to the bank or the player. A person who gains the most value during the game wins. The result is a tie when the bank and the player have equal value; in such case, they will receive an additional card.  

    Hand values mean a lot when it comes to playing baccarat. Ace has a value of 1, while T, J, Q, K give 0. The cards from 2 to 9 have their value printed on them. Such a way:

    • 2 + 5 are worth 7;
    • K + 9 are worth 9;
    • J + 4 are worth 4;
    • A + 6 are worth 7;
    • A + J are worth 1.

    Playing this game of chance, you are dealt with two cards, however, you may be dealt with the third card depending on your cards value. Keep in mind it’s worth ignoring the T, J, Q, and K which are worth zero and pay attention to Ace and the cards from 2 to 9.

    A hand totaling closer to nine wins. Winning bets pay off 1 to 1, however, the winner has to pay 5% commission from these bets. Ties usually pay 8 to 1 or 9 to 1. A tie doesn’t happen often, however, avoid it if you want to win.

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    Las Vegas Workers Share the Craziest, Funniest and Nastiest Stuff They’ve Seen

    Funny stories are the very last thing associated with the casino world. Many people think that gambling and online betting have something to do with money, thrill, wins, and loses; thus, there can be nothing to make people laugh. In this post, we will dispel all the myths. Casino workers have shared the craziest, funniest, and nastiest stuff they have ever seen. Let’s have all the details revealed further in the post.

    Las Vegas Workers Share the Craziest, Funniest and Nastiest Stuff They’ve Seen

    Priest Gambler

    Despite the fact that the church is the great opponent of gambling, there will always be exceptions of the rule. In the city of Chicago, a church service was carried out by Michael Stemfield – a man who suffered from problem gambling when being young. He had a very long break, but, unfortunately, he runs wild and began to gamble in 2011.

    Of course, he did not want anyone to know about his failure. But it’s funny that he won $10,000, and the press became interested in the case. Naturally, a complete scandal erupted on the Internet and other media. To add fuel to the fire, the church servant was caught red-handed on using false documents. After this incident, he had to leave his former place of residence and change multiple jobs.

    The Priest Turning out to Be a Professional Gambler

    When participating in a television program, a priest Andrew Trepp had to play poker. Since there were no money bets there, he easily received approval from the church and even a blessing from the bishop. The funniest thing is that the church servant has beaten the best player of the world, Daniel Negrianu, and won $100,000, which he then donated in the construction of the temple!

    Million Dollar Error

    A catastrophic coincidence happened at a casino in Ohio. Employees paid out a million-dollar win to the wrong person. It all happened because the two (a real winner and a cheater) were not only namesakes but also of the same age.

    Las Vegas Workers Share the Craziest, Funniest and Nastiest Stuff They’ve Seen

    How to Stumble and Win a Lot of Money

    Ellis Sawson won a payout of  $700,000 against the casino for stumbling in the hall of this gambling establishment. Lawyers were able to convince the jury that the demandant was right; as a result, the woman brought big money home.

    Senator Amateur Poker Player

    John McCain, the Senator of the United States of America, made the biggest mistake on the Council meeting. During the discussion of the difficult situation in Syria, he decided to rest a bit, playing poker on a smartphone. When making bets online, he was caught by photojournalists.

    Here are some crazy and funny real-life cases that are related to gambling. Someone has become rich; someone has been put in jail or has fallen into disrepute due to gambling. Whatever the case is, the above situations make us smile.

  • eSports and Gambling

    When Is Your Brain in Peak Condition For eSports and Gambling?

    Knowing the time when the human brain works the most effectively can help to plan your day properly so that it is productive and easy for you. Get all things are done without feeling tired at the end of the day. Besides, this information is necessary for planning any activity, for example, gambling online, to ensure its effectiveness.

    During the day, our brain changes its mood. For example, working efficiently in the morning, by the end of the day, it is unable to perform many functions well. How does the time of the day affect the activity of the human brain? When the human brain in a peak condition for esports betting and gambling?

    Brain Activity Schedule

    Playing on gambling sites is not only about fun; it has something to do with making decisions, analyzing a gameplay, and developing winning strategies. Therefore, it is highly important to gamble in hours when our brain is at its peak condition. Let’s see what the schedule of the brain work is.

    • 6 – 7 am – the long-term memory works perfectly; any received information is perceived and remembered quickly.
    • 8 – 9 am – it is time for logical thinking. According to scientists, this time is suitable for any kind of activity. If you are an early riser, the period between 8 and 9 am is just perfect for gambling.
    • 11 am – 12 pm – at this hour, it becomes difficult to focus on one thing. During this time, the brain needs a break. Do not torture it with intellectual activity or analysis; it is better to relax and, for example, listen to calm music.
    • 1 – 2 pm – it is a lunchtime not only for your stomach but also for your brain. Stimulate its work with something delicious and healthful: berries, seafood, nuts, seeds, and fruits.
    • 2 – 6 pm – it is the ideal time for active brain activity. As a rule, the biggest part of the work is done exactly during this time interval. Thus, gambling at that hour would be a good idea.
    • 6 – 9 pm – the brain activity is gradually declining. The brain requires rest and relaxation.
    • 9 – 11 pm – the brain and the entire nervous system are “relaxing.”
    • 11 pm – 1 am – at this hour, the energy of the human body is restored.
    • 1 – 3 am – during the 2 hours, emotional energy is restored.
    • 3 – 6 am – the work of the brain begins to intensify, even despite you are sleeping, which makes it possible for you to get up early and feel vigorous at 5 am.

    Depending on the time of the day, our brain is set up for different purposes. Our productivity directly depends on the activity of our brain. The body follows natural biorhythms or biological clocks that determine this activity. Therefore, it is important to remember about the brain “schedule” in order to manage your gambling session the most effectively.

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    Top Poker Players in Movies & Music Videos

    Gambling is a source of inspiration for many filmmakers, screenwriters, and actors, who create wonderful films trying to show the dangerous and attractive world of the game from a wide variety of angles. Who is he – the main character in a movie? Is he a professional poker player who can make complicated calculations in seconds? Is he a charming swindler accustomed to rely more on the hand sleight? It all depends on what films about poker online you choose to watch today. To ease your search, we have picked the best movies for you – keep reading to get the full list.

    1. Rounders (1998)

    The idea of the film arrived to the scriptwriter after his unsuccessful poker game in an underground poker club. This is how Brian Koppelman wrote the script for the film “Rounders” after losing $750 in a New York poker club.

    In the movie, a talented player Mike McDermott (Matt Damon) meets his friend Lester Murphy, who was just released from prison. Lester cannot live without poker, which is his means of earning. Although he is finally free and can start a new life, the first thing he needs to do is to pay down the debt of $15,000. That’s why the two guys decide to get involved in a dirty game.

    2. Asso (1981)

    Adriano Celentano plays a gambler Asso, who wants to change his life – quit poker and marry. But on the first wedding night, he leaves his wife Sylvia and goes to the bar to start the game. This is nothing in comparison with the fact that he gets a huge win and turns out to be killed. Of course, it may seem that the film can be finished, but Asso loves his wife so much that he comes back from the other world and continues to protect his wife.

    3. Maverick (1994)

    The plot of the film unfolds around the poker tournament with a buy-in of $25,000 in the format “the winner gets everything.” Bret Maverick (Mel Gibson) is a legendary player in the Wild West, who wants to take part in this event and get a win. Of course, things are not so easy.  Bret misses $ 3,000 on buy-in and loses. This movie will appeal to those who like adventures, the spirit of the Wild West, and 5-card poker. If you are the one who likes poker sites play poker online, then this film is for you.

    4. A Big Hand for the Little Lady (1966)

    The plot of this film unfolds in the Wild West. The farmer’s family goes to California to buy land there. By chance, the wheel of their wagon breaks down in a small town, where a big game takes place. The head of the family turns out to be a skillful poker player and decides to participate in the game. The unfortunate man has a heart attack, and his wife, who does not know the rules of the game, has to play instead of him.

    5. Molly’s Game (2017)

    It is the most anticipated film in the poker industry over the past couple of years. Although the scriptwriter Aaron Sorkin said that this film was not about poker, it has something to do with the gambling industry. The movie is about Molly Bloom – the girl who organized the largest underground casino in Hollywood. What is it like to be a woman in the male world, and what kind of machinations does the “princess of poker” have to deal with? Find all the answers in the film.

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    Aussie Women More Attracted to Gambling as Never

    Nowadays, women and gambling online are closely connected. Representatives of the weaker sex regularly visit land-based gambling establishments and place bets in online casinos by first reading the slots reviews on slotsjudge.com. The sexual equality excludes any discrimination of women in the gambling industry; thus, every female can participate in gambling just like men do. The army of female gambling fans is increasing every day, with Aussie women being in the majority.

    Women and Online Gambling in History

    Women and online gambling have not always been connected. The weaker sex gained access to gambling in the 18th century only. At that time, society did not perceive gambling as a female activity; women were believed to have more elegant entertainment. Thus, while men spent nights in poker clubs playing card games and watching cruel cockfights, women were either at home or went to opera or theater.

    One day, a scandal broke out around the women’s “banned” passion. Lady Buckinghamshire, Lady Sarah Archer, Mrs. Sturt, and several other women arranged saloons and spent time playing card games. Soon they were convicted of such entertainment and were forced to pay £50 to avoid public punishment for the “moral scandal.”

    Aussie Women More Attracted to Gambling as Never

    Women and Online Gambling – Current Statistics

    Nowadays, women playing on gambling sites no longer cause condemnation of the society. Among the visitors of online casinos, there are a lot of both men and women. The only difference that remains between genders in gambling is the preference for certain games. For example, most of the audience of bookmakers are men, who willingly bet on sports. Poker has not received much popularity among the weaker sex: 90% of fans of this game are men.

    At the same time, bingo is more popular among women.

    According to the results of a recent study conducted by the New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement, women account for more than half of the 10% of the most active users of online casinos. The average age of a female online casino user is 38 years. It is noteworthy that the game preference of users depends not only on sex but also on the region. So, according to the results of a study by the British Gambling Commission, which involved 4,000 players, Aussie women prefer to play online slots, roulette, and bingo.

    What’s more, taking into account the recent advancement in the field of online gambling, the female audience has increased greatly. It is a stable tendency – the number of women registering in online casinos is constantly growing.